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Join us for adventure this 2016 camping season as we enter our 37th season at Camp Freedom! In a location offering campsites on ridge tops and on waterfronts, Camp Freedom is the perfect place for your troop to camp this summer. A dining hall with a capacity of 500 is responsible for feeding hungry Scouts and Scouters - we'll save you a seat!

Add to this the exciting program we offer - including lots of new options for both youth and adults in 2016 - and it makes perfect sense why thousands of Scouts continue to call Camp Freedom their home away from home each and every summer.

Highlights for 2016

Introduction to STEM

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SCIENCE! Engaging Scouts in the curiosities for all things scientific and technical, this year the program at Camp Freedom will take a step forward by offering an array of merit badges that encompass these interests - Chemistry, Electricity, and Nuclear Science! Scouts will have the opportunity to hypothesize, experiment, and participate in hands-on activities that are not only extremely rewarding, but fun too!

The Return of Trail to Eagle

We're bringing the Eagle back! Advancement is a huge part of everyone's Scouting experience, and summer camp is one of the unique destinations that allows us to address that head-on. Work with our experienced counselors and have the opportunity develop valuable communication skills while learning about citizenship and our government. Merit badges offered in the area include Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, and Communication. 

Already have all of your Eagle required badges and ready for the next step? Eagle University is for you. Join us daily during Open Program to brainstorm project ideas, get valuable advice, and talk to other Eagle Scouts about their experiences. 

Aquatics Adventure

We're on a ROLL! A log roll, that is. Do you think you have the skill it takes to navigate our rolling key logs? Can you keep your balance and show up everyone else in your troop? Who can stay up there the longest! Come down to Aquatics and find out!

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