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Camp Freedom ImageJoin us for adventure at Camp Freedom, Heritage Reservation’s Boy Scout resident camp with a dining hall! In a location offering campsites on ridge tops and on waterfronts, Camp Freedom is the perfect place for your troop to camp this summer. A dining hall with a capacity of 450 is responsible for feeding hungry Scouts and Scouters - we'll save you a seat!

Add to that the exciting program we offer - including nearly 60 merit badge offerings, programs like snorkeling, boardsailing, standup paddle boarding, chalk ball, and much more - and it makes perfect sense why thousands of Scouts continue to call Camp Freedom their home away from home each and every summer.

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Expanded and Relocated Eco-STEM Program


Heritage Reservation continues to expand its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs by combining the best of Camps Liberty and Freedom’s Eco-Con programs at what was Camp Liberty’s Eco-Con area, a quick walk past the reservation COPE area. Eco-STEM engages Scouts fosters curiosity for all things environmental, scientific, and technical. Scouts will have the opportunity to hypothesize, experiment, and participate in hands-on activities that are not only extremely rewarding, but fun too!

New Eco-STEM merit badges for 2017 include:


Robotics, Oceanography, and Astronomy


New Scout Scholar Program

. . . mentally awake, . . . A Scout develops their mind both in the classroom and outside of school. Scouts are curious about everything around them, and work hard to make the most of their abilities. With an inquiring attitude and the willingness to ask questions, Scouts seek to learn about the exciting world around them and their role in it. The new Scout Scholar area combines the best of Camps Liberty and Freedom’s Trail to Eagle and Health and Safety programs at what was Camp Freedom’s Handicraft area, a quick walk past the reservation COPE area. Not only will Scouts learn about being participating citizens through work on the Eagle required citizenship badges, they will learn how to be better communicators, and learn how to keep themselves and their communities safe.

Public SpeakingSalesmanshipdisabilities awarenssLaw

Public Speaking, Salesmanship, Disabilities Awareness, and Law

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