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If you are ready to experience true high adventure, then our week long treks are for you! Offered weekly
from mid-June through mid-August; sessions start Sunday afternoon and end Saturday morning. These unique treks are available for Boy Scouts and Venturers 13 years of age or older. Your entire patrol or Crew can participate together, or sign up on your own to participate with other Boy Scouts and Venturers.

Eagle Base Resident Camper Program

Perfect for the novice and experienced high adventure camper, the Eagle Base resident camper program is a base camp experience with a choice of high adventure activities run by professional partner vendors and our outstanding staff during the day and an assortment of fun programs in the evenings.


Eagle Base participants are introduced to many high adventure activities throughout the week.  The specific weekly program is tailored to the interest of that week’s participants and may include day challenges such as:

Whitewater Rafting


Sporting Clays

Mountain Biking



Project C.O.P.E.

ATV Adventure

Fly Fishing



And evening opportunities such as:


3D Archery

Black Powder Shooting


Pistol Shooting (Venturers only)

Sunset Kayaking

Pontoon Boat Fishing

Project C.O.P.E.

Rifle Shooting

Shotgun Shooting

Water Skiing

Zip Lining

A night off to relax

All treks will be led by experienced Trek Guides meeting Pennsylvania and BSA Trek Leader guidelines. All program gear needed for the treks is provided. Bring your personal belongings, a great attitude and be ready for the experience of a lifetime.

The Eagle Base resident camper program is an incredible deal. For your camp fees you get:


  • A full week of day and evening programs
  • All your meals for the week
  • An experienced staff to lead and support your program
  • A campsite complete with tents, cots, and nearby showers
  • A real Scout camp experience


Eagle Base Day Trek Program


The Eagle Base Day Trek program is for older Boy Scouts who want to attend summer camp with their troop at Camp Liberty or Freedom but are looking for something more than merit badges.  Day Trek participants camp with their troop in Camp Liberty or Freedom, then head out for adventure during the day returning by dinner to participate in evening camp program with their troop and be the leaders their troop needs. Day Trek participants get to participate in the day time programs listed above. The evening programs listed above are not part of Day Trek.

ATV Adventure Program

ATV New in 2016, Eagle Base resident and Day Trek participants get the chance to learn about the fun and safety of riding ATVs as part of the ATV Adventure program at Farbacher ATV Action Center.  Participants complete the ATV Safety Institute’s RiderCourse ATV safety and operation training certification then go on an exciting trail ride around Lake Courage.  Participants must be at least 14 and weigh less than 215 lbs.

ATV Action

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Register for Your Eagle Base Adventure

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