First Aid Meet

Boy Scout First Aid Meet   March 3, 2012 

   2:00 to 5:30 at Pittsburgh Mills Mall, by Dicks Sporting Goods

Registration at 2:00 p.m. Event starts 2:30 (pre-registration is required)

We will have the stations in the halls of the mall.   

*1 adult chaperone is required for each patrol since we will be in a public space.

*1 adult judge per patrol

*1 victim per patrol 

         Cost is $5.00 per Scout     $1:00 per Adult (insurance)*

*Adults may use $5 in Scout Bucks for this event. The number of adults permitted to use Scout Bucks will depend on the number of Scouts attending. It will be your job to designate how many you wish to use. See chart at the bottom of this form.

Each patrol must supply a chaperone, a victim and a judge.  Victims and judges need to be there before 2:00 (1:30 is better) to get instructions.

Please register (include payment) before February 8th. We need to have a count of the number of patrols so we have enough stations planned. At the very least, let us know if you plan to attend. Should anyone need to register after Feb 8 or if you have questions, please contact Japeechen Activities Chair - Ronna Cullen Doyle, 412-486-1524(h) 412-657-7316(C) We should have all registrations with payment by Feb 22.

Patrols, of 5-9 Scouts, need to bring a first aid kit and basic first aid supplies. Please substitute torn sheeting for real bandages and folded paper towels for gauze pads, rather than wasting real first aid supplies.

Webelos are invited. They will only be scored on information in the Webelos and Cub books. They might be given a situation where more knowledge is needed, but the scoring will only be on what they should know and how well they work as a patrol and how well they follow directions.


2012 First Aid Meet Registration- Pittsburgh Mills by Dicks Sporting Goods – March 3, 2012  

Troop or Pack# ______ Contact person_________________________ phone________________

_______ # of Scouts         X  $5.00 _________   =  _____# of patrols – Scout or Webelos –please circle

_______ # of Adults         X  $1.00*_________ each patrol needs 3 adults (chaperone, victim, judge)

                                Total amount $_________

_______# of Adults* using Scout Bucks X “$5” in Scout Bucks =______Scout Bucks

1 patrol (5-9 Scouts) = up to 3 adults (chaperone, victim, judge) + $15 in Scout Bucks

2 patrols (10 -16 Scouts) = up to 6 adults + $30 in Scout Bucks

3 patrols (15 – 24) Scouts = up to 9 adults + $45 in Scout Bucks. etc.



Checks made out to LHC-BSA     Reference cost center # 352

Bring registration to Feb 1st Roundtable or mail to Flag Plaza by Feb 8th.

Flag Plaza 1275 Bedford Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Do you plan on having a display at the Pinewood Derby Mall Show 8:30-~2:00 on March 3 yes__ or no__?


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