Potomac District

District Director Tim McClure 814-471-1090 x 7111 Tim.McClure@scouting.org
District Executive
Dan Brown 301-729-1300 x 7153 Daniel.Brown@scouting.org
District Executive Michael Kane 301-729-1300 x 7152 Michael.Kane@scouting.org
Customer Service Manager Terri Cassidy 301-729-1300 x 7150
Customer Service Representative Carrie Robertson 301-729-1300 x 7251


Welcome to the Potomac District Page! This year in the Potomac District we are planning to have a large variety of fun and interesting programs for Scouts of all ages. If you aren't involved in the Potomac District yet, there is still room for you to help out on the various committees that make Scouting possible. For more information on how to help out the District, please call (301)729-1300

Right now in the Potomac District we are getting ready to recruit Cub Scouts! If you have a son between grades 1 and 5 they are eligible to join Cub Scouts in your area. If your son is older than that but still younger than 18, he can join Boy Scouts in the area as well. Maybe your son or daughter (ages 14-20) is interested in more high adventure activities, but doesn't have a place to learn and explore they can join a Venture Crew in the area. If you don't know where the closest unit that meets near you, please call the Cumberland Service Center (301)729-1300