Tour Plan Policy

Tour and Activity Plan 

The Tour and Activity Plan FAQ page can be viewed at:

An informative training video has been developed on how to use the new Tour and Activity Plan application.  The video can be found on the FAQ page through the link above.

Sample Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Tour and Activity Plan online?
You will need to log in to and select Menu and then select "Legacy Web Tools"  Scroll down on the list until you find "Tour and Activity Plan."

Is there a training program to show me how to complete the Tour and Activity Plan online?
Yes, please watch the interactive video included with the FAQs if you have questions.

Why change the tour permit?
This update replaces the former “online” tour permit with an interactive planning tool that allows you greater flexibility.  It is the first phase to the online version – with more enhancements to come.

What is the difference between a tour permit and the online version?
Several items, with the online version:

·         The unit leadership certifies the plan

·         The local council reviews plans but does not approve them

·         An e-mail workflow can be used to notify the council, chartered organization, committee chair and emergency contact that a plan has been submitted for review

·         It contains interactive prompts and warnings

·         It provides active links to program-required training and education\

·         It provides the ability to store, retrieve, copy and reuse previously submitted tour and activity plans (to applicable to permits)

·         It provides the ability to update the plan up until the day before the tour and activity date