POPCORN Fall 2014

LHC Popcorn Program (pdf) Includes Product Line, Popcorn/Prize Ordering Instructions, etc.

Unit Commitment Form (pdf) (Word) Please submit to your Program Exec

Commission Structure (pdf)

Order Form (pdf) LHC Specific

Prize Program:  Cub Scouts (pdf)  Boy Scouts (pdf)
Prize Website

Military Receipts (pdf)

Popcorn Receipts (pdf)

Popcorn Business Cards (pdf)

Tasting Kit Name Card (pdf)

Questions? Contact Your Local Program Exec:
Areas: 1 Laura, 2 Brooke, 3 Jeanne, 4 Steve, 5 Bob, 6 Jim & Kurt, 7 Marilyn
Official Pecatonica River Popcorn Website

LHC Popcorn Timeline

Popcorn Trainings for Unit Popcorn Kernels July 28 – August 5

Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Orders Due Online by 11:59 pm August 8

Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Pickup August 23

Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Sale Begins August 23

Take Order Sale Begins ASAP After Unit Kick-Off

Take Order Sale Ends October 17

Take Orders are Due Online by 11:59 pm October 22

Last Day to Return Show-n-Sell Popcorn October 22 – Flag Plaza, Ebensburg, Potomac 

Take Order Popcorn Pickup November 8  (Date/Time Varies by Location)

Scouts Deliver Popcorn to Customers November 9 – 23

All Popcorn Money Due No Later Than November 24

(1 check minus commission made out to LHC)