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POPCORN Fall 2014

LHC Popcorn Program (pdf) Includes Product Line, Popcorn/Prize Ordering Instructions, etc.

Unit Commitment Form (pdf) (Word) Please submit to your Program Exec

Commission Structure (pdf)

Order Form (pdf) LHC Specific

Prize Program (pdf) Coming Soon!

Military Receipts (pdf)

Popcorn Receipts (pdf)

Popcorn Business Cards (pdf)

Questions? Contact Your Local Program Exec:
Areas: 1 Laura, 2 Brooke, 3 Jeanne, 4 Steve, 5 Bob, 6 Myke & Kurt, 7 Marilyn

LHC Popcorn Timeline

Popcorn Trainings for Unit Popcorn Kernels July 28 – August 5

Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Orders Due Online by 11:59 pm August 8

Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Pickup August 23

Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Sale Begins August 23

Take Order Sale Begins ASAP After Unit Kick-Off

Take Order Sale Ends October 17

Take Orders are Due Online by 11:59 pm October 22

Last Day to Return Show-n-Sell Popcorn October 22 – Flag Plaza, Ebensburg, Potomac 

Take Order Popcorn Pickup November 8  (Date/Time Varies by Location)

Scouts Deliver Popcorn to Customers November 9 – 23

All Popcorn Money Due No Later Than November 24

(1 check minus commission made out to LHC)