Webelos Outdoor Weekend


Webelos Outdoor Weeeknd

Scouting is all about one thing: Our Boys!

Are you tired of training taking you away from the one thing that got you here in the first place?

Do you want to have a hands-on training experience with valuable, real-time skills?

Leave the classrooms behind, pack up your son and join us for W.O.W.

WOW is a fun-filled, information packed experience that will develop you as a leader and provide a weekend of fun and learning for your boy, all in a safe outdoor environment for you to explore TOGETHER.

This weekend training experience is offered in two components:

1. Traditional Webelos Outdoor Leader training for Adult leaders

2. Action-packed day of fun and advancement for their Webelos-age son.

Although this weekend is designed as both an adult leader training and Webelos Scout activity, adult parents who are NOT currently registered as CubScout/Webelos Den Leaders are  welcome to attend.  However, in order to attend each Webelos Scout MUST be accompanied by a “paid” parent/guardian who will participate in the adult training portion of the weekend.  Adults Leaders may attend just for the training without an accompanied Webelos Scout. 

Please note:   Parents/adult leaders should be aware that the adult leader training portion of this course will be held in a separate area in camp apart from the Webelos Scout activities.  There will be limited opportunity during the daytime schedule to be with the accompanying Webelos scout.

Each participant will be required to provide personal sleeping equipment  (i.e. tent, sleeping bag, bed roll, blankets, pillows). 

All participants must bring a completed Part A “BSA Annual Health Form”.

This course satisfies National BSA requirements for:   Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders training.

Register Here: 

Webelos Outdoor Weekend 2017 – Camp Seph Mack

Jacque Schultz,   WOW Chairperson,   412-330-7347,  jacarama@gmail.com

Dan Lindh, WOW Advisor, 412-325-7925, dan.lindh@scouting.org